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Our systems keep your forms and processes always up to date, avoiding delays in customs.

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How We Help.

    • ALL Imports and exports passing across the channel are now subjected to a much greater degree of checks and entry declarations. Electronic customs declarations and required registrations must be submitted to relevant trade and port authorities, who also oversee payments of import tax and duties. There are complex and intricate rules for different products in terms of composition, proof of origin, licensing and effectively the goods that pass between the EU and the UK are unable to move as efficiently as they used to.

    We are not a Software House or selling software. The EU Trade Portal was set up to help with import and export processes for UK businesses as well as their EU trading partners. Our systems are designed as a "one-stop-shop", automatically filling in appropriate forms for the road haulier, company or business ready for the customs authorities on both sides of the channel. Check out our FAQ section. We also issue T1 forms.

EU Trade Portal ensures your documentation is always up-to-date.

All businesses should get acquainted with the relevant VAT procedures and
prepare for their application. We do the work for you!



Assistance on:

  • EORI certification
  • AEO (Authorised Economic Operator)
  • VAT registration
  • Duty Rates
  • Preferences
  • Licensing
  • Quota Requirements
  • Port Health
  • Carnets and IPR/OPR
  • LVBI and e-commerce customs entries
  • OCR Customs Procedures


  • Import & Export Forms
  • Instant documentation
  • Required Certification
  • Customs forms
  • VAT declarations

Other Services:

  • Advice on Dangerous Goods Packaging, Marking and Labelling
  • Preparation of Dangerous Goods Declaration
  • On-site Repacking and Inspection Services
  • Help on International Transport of Dangerous Goods by Sea Air & Road
  • Decanting and Palletizing Services
  • In-house Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors


  • No training needed
  • Always up-to-date
  • Cloud based or
  • Easy integration

Certification of products

Certificates or authorisations issued by UK authorities or by bodies based in the United Kingdom are no longer be valid for placing products on the European Union market. We help.

Originating Status

About goods not meeting origin requirements.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is due upon importation of goods brought into the VAT territory of the European Union from the United Kingdom. We help with forms and docs.


The UK will no longer be covered by EU rules

UK nationals, irrespective of where they acquired their qualifications, and EU citizens with qualifications acquired in the United Kingdom need to have them formally recognised in the relevant member state.


Business Accounting Management

Businesses must take appropriate steps to plan for the new accounting procedures. We do the work for you.

Our aim is to smooth the path for large and small operations to keep the highways of trade running smoothly.

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We are the main source of official specialised information and resources regarding import, export and transit of goods between the UK and the EU Trading Block. Questions?

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