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EUTP automates the administrative obligations to ensure shorter time frames at custom points. Easy control and print of necessary customs forms and documents, without the need of extensive staff training. EUTP ensures that all your documentation is up to date, therefore relieves pressure on staff.

The average time for required registrations are between 90 and 120 days. Without completed documentation, import or exporting goods will be impossible. Avoid the rush and be caught out in a backlog of applications.

We have to ensure that your documentation is correct and if needed, apply and register your company in order for you to use the portal. These checks are manual and cannot be automated. Furthermore, the following attributes are included: EORI registration if required, VAT registration if required, Portal registration, access to EU Trade database, 24/7 helpline. Back office access.

Yes, we can complete the registration for your company.

Yes, we can make the registration for you. Please don´t delay to register as the processing time is currently 12o days+.

The Portal System will calculate and populate relevant forms with required VAT details.

Yes, we offer a 24 hour helpline. Details are available to subscribed members.

Yes. That is the main  purpose of EU Trade Portal. If there are changes in documentation of forms, the system will automatically update the forms, therefore mistakes are eliminated.

EUTP will keep abreast of every change and update all forms/documents accordingly. There is no easier or cheaper way to keep your declarations and documents in line with the law.

No. We are an independent company helping the business community through the inevitable mound of paperwork and customs forms past Bexit.

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