European Portals is a commercial portal for the UK and European business communities, established to help and complete the new required forms and documentation for importing and exporting goods. Through the portal, businesses have access to our services without lengthy faxes or emails.

All EU and UK companies need to be ready with the correct paperwork and registrations completed and up to date, whatever even the post transition period outcome. EU Trade Portal provides a transparent and automated environment for cross-border customs procedures and practices, documentation requirements, freight and transit operations, trade, and transport arrangements.

The Portal is designed to help every business, from SME to sole traders, to complete necessary customs documentation.

Users of the Portal have access to customs regimes and destinations, declaration of goods, their classification and origin, quotas, permissive acts, and taxes for all categories of goods, as well as the procedures, automated forms and documents for obtaining specific authorisations. The aim is to smooth the path for large or small operations to keep the highways of trade running smoothly.

EUTPThe Trade Portal of European Portals Ltd. responds to all the information and documentation needs of the business environments in the UK and the European Union regarding the regulation of export/import and transit operations. Waiting times at the borders will thus be kept to the minimum, avoiding incomplete, or wrongly filled in forms and declarations – ultimately saving time and money for any business on both sides of the Channel.

The goal posts will constantly change for the required and necessary paperwork for trading to continue. EU Trade Portal is constantly abreast of these changes to continue operations.

In short, by using the Portal, businesses can be assured that all paperwork, required registrations or other necessary documents are completed correctly and ready to go, so that trading can continue seamlessly from the beginning to the end user.

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